Friday, January 13, 2012

Kiva Loans and incorporating them into your lessons.

@Stephaniesevign my FACS Teacher had a great idea today to incorporate Kiva Loans into a lesson. Her next unit is on Latin America.  She plans to have a bake sale and will create Latin American baked goods and use the profit for KIVA loans. Students would decide who to give the loans to in Latin America.

Some background on KIVA loans:

KIVA disperses loans throughout the world, typically in third world countries.  People that are seeking money for loans may only ask to borrow a few hundred dollars.  Most of them are business people that are trying to make it in these underdeveloped countries.  Not only do students learn about loans, but they also learn about giving back to less fortunate in other countries.  KIVA allows you to track payments and hear the personal story of these people.  This loan agency is non-profit and their clients repay 98% of the money borrowed.  You can start by giving $25 at a time.

I am excited to see how this will turn out.  I think it will create more of a global awareness for these students.

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