Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Evaluation and test scores

Over the next few months a committee in North Dakota will decide whether or not they will apply for the NCLB waiver.  This will prevent further punishment from the federal government and allow states to adjust the bar of accountability.

Part of the requirement of the waiver is to use testing results in teacher, and principal evaluations.  When will we realize that punishment does not motivate people?  I worry about our state hastily throwing something together and not spending the time to look it over thoroughly to get it done by the deadline.  All in order to comply with a broken law.  We are no different than other states, around 50% of our schools did not make AYP this past year.  

This type of accountability will only continue to hinder our schools, and our students.  Here is what is happening in Tennessee where they are using state test scores in teacher evaluations.  Many teachers and administrators in Tennessee are calling the evaluation system a "disaster."  

Will this type of accountability change our schools for the better?  Or better yet, prepare our students for their future?

Join us tonight 1/11/2012 @ 8:00PM CST to discuss what other highly successful educational systems are doing in other countries.  I can guarantee you they are not creating a system of punishment for educators.  

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