Friday, October 16, 2015

Vertical alignment ideas

We are using one of our upcoming early out professional learning days for vertical alignment.

On October 28th we will be having crucial conversations about gaps and overlaps that exist between grade levels. We expect authentic honest conversations. This is not about pointing fingers, it's about developing awareness. 

Each PLC group will begin to think about weak areas that may exist that are either identified by data or by teacher perception.  

Each PLC group will be led by a facilitator. The facilitator will take notes or assign someone to take notes. The facilitator will guide the conversation and follow the format below. 

Preschool - Grade 8 will use the following format: 
  • Each PLC group will review and compare their ELA I Can Statements with the rest of the vertical team. 
  • After all grade level teams have presented their ELA I Can Statements. The vertical team will analyze and look for gaps and overlaps that exist between the ELA I Can Statements from grade level to grade level. The vertical team will identify weak areas and discuss solutions within ELA.
  • What is mastery and how is mastery assessed at each grade level? 
  • Develop action steps for the next meeting on November 18th. What will need to happen between the meetings?
Grade 7-12 will focus cross-curricular activities: 
  • Review the data and discuss what we do well and what we need to improve on?
  • How do we do more together?
  • How do we embed more 21st Century Skills like creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration?
  • Develop action steps for next meeting on November 18th. What will need to happen between the meetings?
I think any time when we have conversations about vertical alignment and what kids may be missing it is easy to get defensive. A healthy culture creates opportunities for difficult conversations to occur. 

How have you used vertical teaming to address gaps and overlaps?

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