Monday, April 23, 2012

Do you ask for feedback?

Recently, we have been discussing grades and more specifically feedback.  I started thinking about how I as principal ask for feedback.  Like most leaders I would say that I don't ask for enough of it.  I have been reading The Leadership Challenge and there is a good piece on feedback.

Kouzes & Posner reference a leader that sought out feedback from his team.
"The feedback that I received was kind of hard to hear...And that was really one of the benefits to the group.  To take that personal risk; to model for the group that it's okay to place yourself at personal risk and take that honest feedback."
Asking for feedback from your constituents is risky business, we may uncover the truth of what is really occurring in our organization.  I think we all know what we will hear from them, but are either too afraid of it or don't want to take the risk of knowing the truth.  As they say, the truth hurts.
"Learning to be a better leader requires great self-awareness, and it requires making ourselves vulnerable.  Modeling that for others makes it easier for them to do the same when it comes their turn." - Kouzes & Posner  
How do you ask for feedback from the constituents of your organization?

I personally need to do more of this! I would be curious to hear how you gather feedback.  

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  1. I use surveymonkey periodically - sometimes to ask for anonymous feedback on a decision that was made. Once per year our entire leadership team (when I worked in a large high school) used to send out a comprehensive survey to our teachers with as series of Lickert Scale questions on things that were areas of focus for us (ex. "My supervisor spent quality time providing me with meaningful feedback as part of the supervision and evaluation process), as well as some questions where we asked for narrative responses. Some of it was hard to read - but it kept us focused on our priorities and on our progress toward being the strongest team we could be.