Monday, February 6, 2012

Maybe we put too much emphasis on AYP

We have received our preliminary state testing results back, and after reviewing them I am pleased with the results.  We are making gains in most areas and based on my rudimentary figuring I am hopeful that we will make AYP (Annual Yearly Progress) again this year.  There is nothing better than seeing data support the changes we have made over the past few years.


Do I/we put too much emphasis on state testing?  We know that this test does not judge how we are preparing our students in an ever changing world.  It is a test of compliance and nothing more.  Are high levels of proficiency good indicators that students will be college and career ready?

The common core will increase the rigor, and it sounds like the assessment will not be a multiple choice test.  I am hopeful that it will judge the schools ability to prepare them for college and a career.  Shouldn't this be the focus anyway?

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