Saturday, December 3, 2011

Electronic Teaming to PLC

We are a small school in rural North Dakota.  Most of my elective teachers do not have someone to team with for a PLC.  I have combined most of them in a hodgepodge team to look at what our students should know and be able to do in the area of technology.  Working with a principal from another school we were able to form a partnership so that our Family and Consumer Science teachers could team together.  They are able to meet for a little over an hour every two weeks.

They meet over Skype and share their documents through Google Docs accounts.  They are able to have the same types of conversations as they would face to face, and be able to look at the same documents with ease. 

Here are some articles for schools that may be struggling to put together PLC teams with singleton teachers.  Two excellent leaders in this area!

Rick Dufour:

Bill Ferriter:

There are many ways out there for small schools or elective teachers to participate in the PLC.  We have to find ways to be creative to make it work.  I encourage you to work with other schools to create partnerships, it will be extremely beneficial and singletons will not be left on the outside looking in.  

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