Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Value of School Activities

I want to ask a serious question to anyone that is involved with activities. I have been reminded of the following question in every school I have served during my 10 year career.
Why do school communities, booster clubs, parents, students, coaches and advisers continually devalue each other's programs? 
The first thing I want to say is that I believe high levels of involvement in various activities lead to student success. The research supports this. My personal experiences in high school activities have helped me in so many ways as an adult.

BUT, it seems like someone is always counting.

You hear comments like:
"This group got more of "x."  
"That activity gets more publicity." 
"You didn't do that for us."
Why aren't we just happy that our kids have access to so many different activities in our schools? Let's be happy for each other's successes, learn from our failures, and appreciate the work that we put in to serve our students.


  1. I expect that after your 20th year and then your 30th year you will still be asking this question. Great question, but what is the solution? I find it almost humorous, having spent 30 years in schools in ND, that this issue remains as strong as ever. Clearly, there is a divide between sports and those other activities. I believe the NDHSAA is as guilty as anyone or individual or community when it comes to how the pie gets divided. I have always believed that the NDHSAA has a responsibility to address this challenge with their membership. But as we are all aware, the politics are very real when it comes to which sports or activities garner the most attention or resources. Unfortunately, and more so sadly, that is something that must be addressed but in all reality won't. It's a very tough question that I bet has many answers out in the parking lot. :) Wayne T.

  2. Good points Wayne. Thanks for sharing!