Friday, March 21, 2014

Video for reflection

For the month of April we are asking that all teachers record 15 minutes of a lesson to be viewed by themselves for reflection.  We will also ask that they view their video with others within their groups during our May 7th Early Out.  The principals will each have a meeting to explain this in more detail in the next few weeks.  This process is not for evaluation, it's for growth.  This is meant to be a formative process for the teacher.  Video is a powerful tool that will help all of us get better at our craft.

Watching yourself on video is one of the most powerful strategies professionals can use to improve. However, it can be a challenge.  It takes a little time to get used to seeing yourself on screen, so be prepared for a bit of a shock.  After a little time you will become more comfortable with the process. (Jim Knight 2011)

Description of the process:

1. Record yourself for 15 minutes during a lesson that you would like feedback on. (If you are able to record the same lesson as your PLC counterpart please do so.  This could be a powerful experience for teachers that teach the same thing.) Principals will have a signup sheet to establish recording times.

2. Once you have recorded the video our tech coordinator will come to save it in on a flashdrive for your PLC group. Please view the video twice.  We will provide documents (see attachment) that will guide this process. Your principals will hand these out. You will view it once to watch yourself and one more time to watch the students.  If you are unable to find time to view your video please let your principal know and we will provide coverage to allow you to view.

3. After viewing the video, review the notes on your document, and highlight items you will discuss with your PLC group.

4. On May 7th during our early out, you will view your video with your PLC group (Please bring copies of your lesson too). The group will view each video and the job of the others in the group is to provide comments and feedback to you.  The feedback will be centered around three areas: teacher was, students were, and general comments.

5. All videos must be recorded, viewed, and on our tech coordinator's flash drives by May 2nd.

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