Monday, January 6, 2014

Teacher reflections on grading.

We wrapped up the Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades before break and I asked teacher participants to reflect on their biggest takeaway from the book.  Here are their reflections. Many are struggling where we go from here.  I am excited about the discussions that took place and I look forward to the work that will come out of this.  Our next read is Embedded Formative Assessment by Dylan Wiliam.

Mr. Olson:

Mrs. Bernhardt:

Mrs. Mattson:

Mrs. Sveet:

Mrs. Sjol:

Mr. Gullickson:

Mr. Blikre:

Mrs. Johnson:

Mr. Stewart:

Mrs. Olsen:

Mrs. Miller:

Mrs. Raymond:

Mrs. Hill:

Mrs. Fritz:

Mrs. Trottier:

Mr. Leier:

Mrs. Rham:

Ms. Skeen:

Mrs. Stricker:

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