Monday, December 16, 2013

What are you producing?

I presented recently at our state's Learning Forward conference.  I was asked to talk about professional learning in our district, and more specifically our late start for professional learning communities.  One of the issues that I see in this profession is that we don't share innovations that take place in our districts very well.  We are tight-lipped due to various reasons. I think often times we feel the innovation may not be worthy in the eyes of our peers.  We won't move in this profession if we are too worried about what our peers or other critics will say. Or we are too humble and feel that the innovation isn't worthy to share. There isn't a silver bullet that will fix our schools.  It is a variety of well thought out changes that will lead us to improvement.  If we don't share what we are producing we will continue to be stagnant.

I challenge you to to a risk, and put yourself out there! Talk about the great things your schools are doing.  It doesn't matter how small the initiative is, if it is working share it!  We have so many platforms to share these days.  Take a minute to blog about it, find time to speak at local or state conference about it, and tweet about it.  If you are seeing success share it!   I always like to hear what other schools are doing.  We are always "stealing" ideas and making them our own in education.  

What are you producing? 

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