Friday, November 8, 2013

Educators reflecting on "The Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades."

There are 20 teachers and administrators discussing the Fifteen Fixes for Broken Grades in our school.  Here are their reflections after our first meeting.  Many are grappling with some of the concepts in their reflections below.

Mr. Leier:

Mr. Olson:

Mrs. Bernhardt:

Mrs. Mattson:

Mrs. Sveet:

Mrs. Sjol:

Mr. Gullickson:

Mr. Blikre:

Mrs. Johnson:

Mr. Stewart:

Mrs. Olsen:

Mrs. Miller:

Mrs. Rham:
The first two chapters of  A Repair Kit for Grading made me reflect on some of my past practices when I had to assign letter grades. There are some things I would do differently, such as not deducting points for late work, or giving full credit for students who redo work.

The first two chapters also made me think that to make the changes suggested, standards based reporting needs to be implemented. We used a standards based report card in kindergarten the first quarter of this school year. It was more time consuming to fill out, but I believe it gave parents a better picture of what standards their child had mastered and which ones they are still working on. Behavior and social skills are a separate section on the report card so they were not included in determining the student's grade on the standards.

I use formative assessments frequently to determine if students have mastered a skill, or if reteaching is necessary. The summative assessments are used for reporting on the report cards.

Ms. Skeen:

Mrs. Raymond:

Mrs. Hill:

Mrs. Fritz:

Mrs. Trottier:

Mrs. Stricker:

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