Friday, September 20, 2013

Late start proposal.

2013-2014 Late Start Proposal

·         All teachers will have the same designated time for PLC work on Wednesday at 8:00AM-8:50AM. 
·         Classes in grades K-12 will begin at 9:00AM.
·         Develop consistency and equity in PLC time across all areas.
·         Allow for teacher teams to address the following areas.
o   Curriculum (What do we want all students to know and be able to do?)
§  Current Curriculum overload =“The goal is to teach 35 things briefly not 10 things well”
o   Assessments (Develop quality formative assessments – that take a snapshot of the learning as they progress to the goal)
§  Move away from the autopsy and move toward the physical as a means of assessment.
o   Instruction - Research best practice
·         Vertical alignment of curriculum and instruction
·         To develop systematic approach to learning and lack of learning
·         Develop communication systems across grade levels, subject areas, and buildings.
·         Establish a guaranteed and viable curriculum
o   Guaranteed – Assures us that specific content and skills are taught in specific courses and at specific grade levels
o   Viable – Indicates that there is enough instructional time available to actually teach the content identified as important.
·         Transition from Ely Elementary to the High School
·         The work is guided by the  four essential questions

What do we want students to know and be able to do? (Working on 2012-13 school year)
o   How will we know if they are learning?
o   How will we respond when they are not learning?
o   What will we do if they already know the material?
·         Para-professionals will oversee the students that must arrive early.
·         If students must come early – we will designate a place and supervise these areas with non-teaching staff
·         Buses will drop off 20 minutes later on Wednesday – cleared with Hartley’s
·         Once a month – vertical team meetings (Ex. Grades 9-12 meet, Grades 5-8 teachers meet, Grades K-4 meet, ) – via Skype/Google Hangout to fix transportation problems.
·         No meetings will take place on Wednesday’s from 8:00AM to 9:00AM

Method of communicating to public
·         Series of articles establishing the why in the newspaper.
·         Series of meetings held in the community at various times to discuss why we need this change.

·         This will be roughly 9-10 total hours of time over the course of the year.
·         DPI stated that we will not have to make up time due to changes in seat time rules.
·         Parents – we will work with parents to alleviate any issues with the change of the school day. 
o   Parents will be allowed to drop students off if they have to at both schools.
·         36 weeks x 50 minutes = 30 hours or almost 4 days of quality ongoing PD for teachers that happens during the school day.  

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