Thursday, April 11, 2013

Make the Jump!

The other day as I was preparing a presentation for our district staff I ran across this link from @millerg6.  It was exactly what I was looking for.  The title of the Youtube clip is "Girls First Ski Jump." The clip is about a young girl about to go down a much longer ski ramp.  You can feel the hesitation in her voice and it was amazing to hear it play out over video.  She took a risk, and committed to trying something new.  Many educators are familiar and have been bombarded throughout their career with the next initiative. New ideas, and new changes are coming our way.  These changes challenge tradition and the status quo.  I get a sense that many staff share similar feelings as the little girl in the video.

Taking the risks, and doing something you have never tried is stressful – but we need to have the inner confidence much like this little girl to make “the jump." Today that jump represents working together as a learning community. Understand that there are many more jumps in the way.  By working together and trusting the process we will make great strides in our school! 

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