Monday, January 21, 2013

Best teachers and their characteristics?

We can all think back to school and remember our best teachers.  What are some characteristics that describe your best teacher?  Why did they leave a mark on you?

John Hattie mentions an interesting piece of research regarding what characteristics our best teachers have.  We have between 40-60 teachers over our years in school.  Why do only a small percentage leave a mark?

According to Hattie best teachers;

"Turned students on to the love and challenge of their subject."

"Built relationships."

"Helped students to have different and better strategies or processes to learn the subject."

"Demonstrated a willingness to explain material and help students with their work."

When I think about my best teachers, they have similar characteristics.  The most important thing for me as someone who had a rough child hood, is that they cared and they were interested in me.  They didn't make it easy though, they held high expectations regardless of who you were.

Teachers make a difference, some more than others.

What characteristics describe your best teacher?

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