Thursday, November 15, 2012


Will our waiver of NCLB in North Dakota be accepted?

What if our new state superintendent changes paths and pulls the waiver application?

If the waiver is abandoned does the standardized evaluation system of teachers and principals go away too?

When will ESEA be reauthorized?

What if we don't make AYP again?

What if? What if?

These are many questions that I have and as a leader of a school district.  Within the climate of accountability it is difficult to bring clarity to teachers and stakeholders.  Do legislators and policy makers actually understand the strain that they put on districts due to the lack of action with ESEA?  I am a proactive person, but I find it difficult to stay a step ahead as education policy changes specifically in our state.  There is so much uncertainty right now specifically with ESEA and the waiver.  We need to be more active and make our influence felt on people that make the decisions.  I don't believe we do this enough as educators.  

How do you make your influence felt?

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