Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Traditional grading and PLC's

There has been a lot of discussion recently on grading lately.  In the latest issue of Educational Leadership there is a good article generating the "grading discussion."  If we believe in the work of professional learning communities, then we must also begin the discussion of grading in our schools.  How can we continue to use the traditional grading system if we are developing powerstandards and common assessments?  The further we get down the bumpy road of PLC work, the more I see the need to look at our grading system.  .

If our goal is to create common assessments on each powerstandard to identify learning deficiencies, then doesn't it just make sense to develop a standard based report card?  How often do we have students that receive A's and B's in all classes but are not proficient on their state assessment?  This is a major problem to me, students and parents must see the connection between the grading at our school and how we are assessed. 

We are beginning the discussion on grading, are you?  

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  1. Mike, thanks for your post. I looking forward to reading the Ed Leadership articles. I agree that we should all begin to look closely at how we grade and how a standards based assessment can work at our schools.